1st November 2017 | Ford & Slater DAF


Ford & Slater has recently been appointed as exclusive parts provider for bulk haulage specialist Roger Warnes Transport.

With a fleet of 95 trucks and 101 trailers, Roger Warnes transports a wide range of agricultural and construction material throughout the UK, moving up to 4000 tonnes each day. Already an existing customer of Ford & Slater, we approached Roger Warnes with a proposal to fulfil all the parts requirements across their mixed fleet of trucks and trailers, with parts supplied through our Genuine DAF Parts and TRP all-make parts offer.

Ford & Slater General Manager – Group Parts, Matt Archer, explained: “We call it a ‘one stop shop’ offer. Through Genuine DAF Parts and TRP all-makes we can give companies such as Roger Warnes access to an extensive supply of parts, for any make or model and at any time day or night.”


Keeping the wheels turning

Ian Barclay, Roger Warnes Operations Director, has been responsible for implementing the ‘one stop shop’ solution within the business and explained the reasons for adopting the approach: “Parts availability is a central requirement for us because vehicle uptime is critical for our business. If the wheels aren’t turning, we don’t make money – it’s as simple as that.”

Ian Barclay continued: “One of the main ways Ford & Slater helped to minimise downtime was to first organise and streamline our existing parts stock before adding impress stock, to ensure we have access to the parts we need, night or day.”

Another major advantage for Roger Warnes Transport is single-point invoicing – receiving one invoice from Ford & Slater for all parts procured throughout a month. The result is a dramatic reduction in administration as Ian Barclay explained: “We no longer sift through multiple invoices for each purchase, but instead receive one invoice at the end of each month. This has given us a massive administration saving and integrates nicely with our single purchasing policy.”

Ian Barclay concluded: “One of the intangible benefits of the ‘one stop shop’ has been the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Ford & Slater. When you have people working together who really understand your operation and the requirements of your fleet and business, the result is always beneficial.”


How can we help?

If you are looking at ways to streamline your parts procurement process, contact your Local Parts Sales Team today to see how we could develop an effective and customised solution for your business.